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Gandhi's talisman by chiaroscuray Gandhi's talisman by chiaroscuray
i saw this man one morning, at matheran (the so called pseudo escape town for love birds of mumbai)
and this was a lovely fresh morning(me too having escaped from the boring routine life@iitbombay),it felt it to be a new start, a new hope for the life that comes.
and i was all happy whistling my way through this beautiful little hill top town when i saw him.
he was sitting in this pose, when i captured him,and it kind of felt gloomy...
i was a little sursprised, what was it that made him gloomy in a morning this fresh...
probably his age i thought, i kept noticing him,he was a rickshaw wallah and was supposed to carry these love birds to various viewpoints (read marketing points) around the town. One of these couple came and asked him to take them to some point,(to me it was all distinct chatter) but it was common sense, strangely this man did not even looked at them, he just kept gazing if he could not listen to them or did not wanted to listen to a silent rejection of whatever surrounded him, whatever we call a society...
it was his way of letting that little rebel inside him, to be out, to be against this world who has never treated him
as a human, as one of their kind...
this silent betrayal of this man to his life, to whatever he has been doing through his life,even if it was just for a few moments..
struck me in a way i didnt expected...
and there was one question that loomed in my mind "what is it that makes or breaks you as a human?" infact what is the very meaning of the word "human"???

to be continued in next pic....
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thank you!
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